Stock Trading Basics – Beginner’s Guide

29 Apr , 2018  

  • Ability to understand simple English language.
  • Desire to Learn About Stock Trading Basics.
  • Desire to start the journey of becoming a successful trader.

If you are a beginner or a greenhorn trader, this course will set up the foundation to trading successfully on the equities or stock market. This course is comprehensive, thoughtful and will enable you to grasp the craft of trading actively with confidence. You will avoid classic errors which most traders would make with a sense of managing risk, and whether you decide to trade or not, you will become much more knowledgeable about the equities market and its underlying drivers, which would transform you into a successful trader.

Course will Start from the scratch by describing Stocks and the Mechanism involved in Stocks. Then Course is designed to explain basic concepts that one need to understand as far as stock trading is concerned. Then Instructor will briefly discuss the use of Financial Statements and Ratio as tool of evaluating stocks.

 Finally, Course will focus on using online platform for stock trading by using real time live trading account and in that process, instructor will explain the basics needed to be focused in an online trading platform with view of guiding followers to place trade orders.

These are the main topics intended to be discussed:

·         Stock Mechanism

·         What is a Stock Market? 

·         Initial and Follow on Public Offerings

·         Two Main Types of Stocks

·         Shareholder and Shareholder’s Rights

·         How to Earn from Stocks? 

·         Important Dates associated with Dividends and Stock Trading

·         Interim and Final Dividends

·         Bonus and Right Issues 

·         What Causes stock Price Movements?

·         Market Capitalization 

·         Sectors and Industries 

·         Stock Market Indexes 

·         Few other Things to Note in Stock Trading

·         Portfolio Management 

·         Financial Statements 

·         Dividend Yield Ratio 

·         Dividend Payout Ratio

·         Price to Earnings Ratio

·         Net Asset Value 

·         Debt to Equity Ratio 

·         Return on Assets Ratio

·         Return on Equity Ratio

·         Things to note in Online Stock Trading

·         Live Trading Introduction 

·         Live Trading How to Place Buy and Sell Orders

NOTE: This course is not designed to provide trade signals by using Technical and Fundamental Analysis.

If you think that you want to become a successful trader, you can learn Basics of Stock Trading by enrolling

So, enroll and start your journey of becoming a successful Trader.

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Who is the target audience?
  • No specific target student anyone can enroll and learn the basics of Stock Trading and start the journey of Becoming a Successful Trader.

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