The Easy Way To Make GoPro Videos In iMovie

7 Jun , 2018  

  • Students will need a computer (Mac or PC) or a smartphone/tablet (iOS or Android).
  • Only very basic GoPro experience is needed.

GoPro Video Editing Course Covering Everything You Need To Make GoPro Videos Today!

You will be walked through every step via Screen Recording in an easy to understand format.

★★★★★ “This course is extremely helpful, it helped a ton…”


Learn The 5 Easy Steps To Make GoPro Videos Today:

– Step by step walkthrough of each of the 5 steps!

 Inside look at making a real live GoPro video in iMovie!

 How to make GoPro videos in iMovie in the least amount of time!

Easy process you can use for all of you GoPro videos!


If you have a computer (Mac or PC) or a smartphone (iOS or Android) you are ready to begin.


Get Ready For Everyone To Start Complimenting Your GoPro Videos!

These 5 steps will teach you exactly how to start making awesome GoPro videos in iMovie.

Learn from years of GoPro experience, all the Trade Secrets and GoPro Tricks/Tips are included in this course.

The best way make GoPro videos!


See What Everyone’s Saying:

★★★★★ “”This course is extremely helpful, it helped a ton…”

★★★★★ “Very good concise course.”

You’ll also get:

✔ Lifetime Access to The Course

✔ Quick & Helpful Support in the Q&A Section

✔ Download & Print Ready Udemy Certificate of Completion 

✔ 30 Day “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee!

This offer won’t last forever.

Who is the target audience?
  • Those with basic GoPro experience. No iMovie knowledge is needed.
  • Busy individuals who want to make awesome GoPro videos.
  • Travelers who want to make travel videos.
  • Those who want to start making GoPro videos using iMovie mac software.

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