Training Cats To Get Along In a Multi-Cat Household

17 Jan , 2018  

Do you have multiple cats in your house that just will not get along?
I’ve been there and I know what’s it’s like!
After bringing a 3rd cat into our home we had to deal with constant fighting and couldn’t leave the house without our cats being separated at all times.
I spent hundreds of dollars on cat toys, special cat food, calming collars, and even pheromones you name it and we tried it!
We were on the verge of re-homing our 3rd cat!
After 1 year of trying everything we finally found a solution that worked for us. Our cats now can hangout in the same room without wanting to attack one another.
In this course I walk you through our cat story as cat owners who simply wanted our cats to get a long. I also share all the experiences we went through, the experts we learned from and how we finally resolved our cat aggression issues!
This course will help you save money and understand the best way to deal with multi cat household fights and aggression.
What You Get In This Course

  • I share our story as to how my girlfriend and I brought 3 cats into our lives
  • The mistakes we made when we introduced our cats and how you can prevent this
  • How to “Catify” your home with perches and cat towers
  • An in-depth overview of all the professional cat trainers we learned from and spent hundreds of dollars working with.
  • Resources from our training sessions
  • What ultimately worked for us and helped our cats finally get a long without constant supervision.


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