How to watch an American football game

13 Jan , 2018  

DISCLOSURE – This event was filmed in front of a live audience at the British Consulate.
CBS Sunday Morning with Bill Geist filmed this event. There are times when there are multiple cameras angles but it’s not too distracting.
There were ~ 100 in attendance from 7 countries.
Welcome to Watercooler Football – where football and networking meet to have fun!

  • You’re at a party with a football game on, people cheer and you have no idea what happened – do you feel left out?
  • At a meeting someone says, “let’s do an end run” – do you feel lost?
  • When you hear “football” do you think people mean soccer?

If you don’t know how to watch a football, you may be left out. This can have a negative impact on your career and perhaps social life.
Join former Boston College Athletic Director, Gene DeFillippo, and published author and networking expert, Diane Darling, as they talk about Understanding American Football and how to watch it.
You’ll also learn some best practices for networking. How to pick your events (aka “whether report”), how to get into a conversation, and … how to get out of one. What are some best ways to follow up?
Learn how to be a part of the game with tips and from Gene and Diane. (And wait until you hear how they met!)
Through 7 video lessons, we share with you all the fundamentals you need to know about American football…Simply watch, take notes and have fun as this course has all American Football Explained!
You can fast forward and repeat as you need.


BONUS – You’ll also get excellent tips on networking. You’ll learn:

  • How to pick events
  • How to get into (and out of) a conversation
  • Best ways to follow up
  • What to do when you fumble in networking (eg don’t follow up)


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