Web Development Course : laravel 5.5 ORM and Raw PHP!

This course will take you from your basic PHP knowledge to building advanced websites.
In this course you will learn a whole lot of important concepts in web development, the course builds a jobs recruitment website while explaining cool concepts such as MVC, Routing, Middlewares, Templating Engines, Object Relational Models and so on.
The course builds a robust and powerful jobs recruitment website platform while explaining cool concepts such as 

  1. MVC 
  2. Routing 
  3. Middlewares
  4. Authentication and Authorization
  5. Access Control Levels
  6. Templating Engines
  7. Object Relational Models
  8. Database Relationships
  9. and so on.

This is the one single course that will put you ahead in advanced web development, and its all easy and well broken down.

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