WordPress For Beginners : Free domain name and hosting .


this WordPress course have been designed from a beginners perspective to provide you with a step by step guide from zero to help you create a free website using a free domain name and a hosting service as well it not only easy to create but also easy to use

with this step by step course you will end up creating as many websites as you want .

You will start with getting a free domain name and a web hosting service also for free. You will then learn the basics of installing your WordPress and a quick view of the Admin Panel.

The next step will be about making your website clean because you have to delete the default pages and hello post.

after that we will learn how to install Plugins and how to use them.

You will also get to know about SEO and tags.

in the end of this course I will show you how to create posts with classic editor and we will set up sumo Plugin as a last lessen .

after this course I’m sure you will have lot’s of websites and you will do that for free.remember you will have a 12 months free domain name and a lasting host service for life.

Who this course is for:
  • beginners and intermediate


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