Youtube End Screens Professor Masterclass

22 Jan , 2018  

Not everyone is aware that YouTube ‘End Screens’ replaced the old ‘annotations’ back in Sept 2017.

End Screens enable you to drive traffic directly from your video screen via a series of interactive buttons within the End Screen elements dashboard

. These buttons will help your visitors navigate your YouTube channel by allowing you to suggest the next video to watch, subscribe to your channel or most importantly, click on a button to go directly to your website or landing page.

The process of setting up End Screens is covered in fine detail within this course with ‘over my shoulder’ style videos and screen capture demonstrations.

You will learn:

  • Channel Verification
  • Channel/Website Association
  • Call-to-Action Button Tutorial
  • Video Thumbnail Creation
  • Video File Optimization
  • The anatomy of End Screen Elements Explained
  • Advanced Traffic Manipulation
  • Mass Import End Screen Elements
  • Video Link-wheel Training

By the end of the course you will have End Screens mastered to such a level that you’ll be able to optimize all your new videos on YouTube to maximize their click through rate. Get clicks from visitors on desktop and mobile (annotations do not support mobile) and increase your subscribers and channel videos views by cleverly engaging your visitors using the 12 ‘Done for you MP4’ End Screen outro videos, complete with professional voice overs – that you get within this course. I’ve also included my own End Screen template in png format to help anyone who wants to get creative and produce their own End Screen videos in the future.

As you’ll soon see, all the heavy lifting has been done for you within this course that is both relevant and timely in today’s growing Video marketplace.


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